Coop Knows The Scoop, Taryn Souders

Here we are again my loves!

Today’s review is for a middle-grade mystery novel, and is actually a recent publication! Coop Knows The Scoop was published in July of this year, and I would say is for the advanced middle-grade mystery reader. Not necessarily because it is difficult to read (it isn’t!) but because it does deal with some relatively heavy themes (death, betrayal) that I think might go over the head of a younger reader. Nonetheless, it is one that I absolutely recommend having a look at!

Coop and his friends, Justice and Liberty (I admit I giggled), find themselves in the middle of a mystery when a skeleton is unearthed under the playground of their town. The cast of characters is well developed, and I never felt like the description was forced or overly long the way it can be in some books for younger readers.

I really liked the writing style in this book. The characters interacted well, the personal histories were well-developed, and the writing of the mystery itself flowed really well. Also….look, I really enjoy the correct usage of “you have another think coming.” That pleases me.

Coop himself is a really neat character as well. Something I particularly like is that he does stumble, he does make mistakes, he does misjudge. He experiences the normal range of emotions of a kid his age and you can see his process for working through problems, which is actually a really valuable writing device. In addition, this kid listens to Beethoven to help him think, and honestly: same. I can’t get anything done without a soundtrack, up to and including this review.

The southernisms in this book are as hilarious and cliched as they are confusing, in the best sort of way (because I love words, honestly). What the hell does “to hang catawampus” mean? I’m guessing it’s something like hanging crooked? But I am honestly not sure and google wasn’t a huge help this time around.

Anyway! Coop Knows The Scoop was released at the beginning of July, so is already available for you (and the kids, if you feel like sharing) to get your mitts on!

Well worth a read, people.


Disclaimer: a digital copy of this book was provided to me for review through Netgalley. As always, the provenance of a book has no effect on my opinion of its content.

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