The Invasion (Animorphs #1), K.A. Applegate

Look at this throwback, guys!

So a few weeks back, Gabby from @gabbyreadswithtea was saying she had a bunch of books she was getting rid of, and happened to mention she had a stack of Animorphs books. Of course, my childhood starting playing like an olden-days film reel behind my eyes and I immediately requested they be released into my custody, post haste. I did pay postage, I’m not a total heathen.

And, thus! Animorphs books in their original covers!! I read the first of the series today (literally today, the day this will be posted because I am running hella late with absolutely everything right now), and smiled through the whole thing. Except, you know…the not-smiley bits.

This was an absolute gem of a book for me to read, because I loved these books as a child. I honestly don’t even know anymore what happened to my copies, but I’m well pleased I have my mitts on them again.

Essentially, and alien battle has spilled over (secretly) to earth. A domineering, parasitic race of slug-like beings called Yeerks are set to take over the human race to use as Controllers (hosts). An Andalite (the race leading the fight against the Yeerks), badly injured from battle, lands on Earth and in his last moments explains what is happening to a group of teenagers, giving them the power to morph: to change their forms, to fight against the hostile but silent invasion.

The Invasion, as well as setting the scene for the series and introducing the main characters, also serves as the first adventure for the group of fighters as well as a twist ending that boggled my mind as a kid. I really recommend this series for kiddos who are into sci-fi and adventure, or for the children of the nineties who remember Scholastic book fair subscriptions fondly.

Lovely end to my weekend.


Image credit: my photo, of my copy of the book (thanks again, Gabby!)

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