Fiction vs. Film

I know for a fact that I am not the only book dragon out there who has been livid at the Hollywood treatment of a favourite book, or any book at all to be perfectly honest with you. That debacle with Eragon…. ugh. Disaster. Utter disaster. Then again, sometime the book-to-movie adaptations are alright! The Lord of the Rings trilogy, anyone? All hail Sir Peter Jackson! Anyway, the idea with this section, much like the Tales vs. Television section, is to compare the film to the movie and see how everything stacks up. I can’t promise frequent posts here (still a grad student, still working waaaaay too many hours on top), in part because sometimes I am just too mad to contemplate watching the adaptation again, or too scared to watch it in the first place! If I do a comparison though, this’ll be where it ends up.

If you have requests, feel free to ask! I promise that if I can, if I have time, and as long as it isn’t a horror (because I will literally have nightmares forever), I will try to get to it!!

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