About This Blog… And Me

As a Ph.D. student, most of my time is chewed up by reading, research and writing. This can be time-consuming, tiring, and quite stressful; research isn’t just sitting around reading all day! Ok, well, sometimes it is, but it certainly isn’t always as pleasant as it sounds. And because I’ve always loved to read, I don’t want to lose that lovin’ feeling because the only things I ever read make me want to tear my hair out.

One of the methods I developed to deal with this was to carve out a tiny portion of my day to read what I want to read, and to focus just on that. I usually manage about 45 minutes in the morning, between 7.15 and 8am, over a soy flat white at my favourite cafe. By that point I have been up for nearly two hours, so I am quite capable of focusing and enjoying my book before heading to work to really start the day.

This blog is, I suppose, a natural extension of those 45-minute morning reading sessions. Eventually, I’d like to have reviews up on here for (nearly!) everything I read, and I am working on it! For now, this is a creative outlet and somewhere to just have a ramble. Not just about books and/or coffee; you might see movie reviews, places I want to visit or have visited; it could be anything. You never know!

So, thank you for visiting and I hope you find something here that catches your eyes, spikes your interest or even…. inspires you to pick up a book you never thought you would read.


C. Jaiyah

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  1. Hi Courteney, I’m a real fan of historical fiction based on real events/people so sometimes I struggle with other genres. But I’m up for the challenge of new reading experiences ❤

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