BtVS Willow #1, Tamaki et al

Hey beautiful nerds,

This week was A Week Of Little Focus And Less Productivity, so the review is going to be of the one thing I did manage to read for fun over the past ten days or so: a comic book.

I adore comics, more so than I used to, and that is in large part to the absolutely stunning human beings at Secret Headquarters Comic Emporium, from whom you should buy all of your comics and graphic novels. Seriously, they’re awesome. Do it.

I’ve been collecting the new Buffy series from day dot, and though I’m a couple of issues behind (there have been some geographic dislocations lately: I am currently under lockdown in Melbourne, and all of my stuff is still in my apartment in ACT. Woe! Doom!) in Buffy, I had my latest package sent to Melbourne and it had the first issue of Willow in it, so I figured why the hell not?

One thing was a bit wild (shit, really?!), so don’t read this if you’re not caught up with Buffy, but the story has me intrigued and the artwork, as usual, is *chefs kiss* fantastic. I really like the style.

It’s also quite nice to read something that has a heavy artistic element, because words are hard lately. I have to words for work and for my research, and wordsing is getting harder. So: comics, our saving grace and a gift unto this world.

Go for it, fam.


Image credit: my photograph of my copy.

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  1. Mariko Tamaki is one of my favorite graphic novelists but unfortunately, I’ve never watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ Do you reckon she might contribute someday on a ‘Firefly’ comic? 😛


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