Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained, Lucy Doncaster and Andrew Holland

Hello my lovely nerds!

I’m going to be honest with you, Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained was an impulse buy and mostly because I thought it would be worth a laugh! And it was, so it was money well spent. Let’s get real, some of (if not all of) the most interesting things in life and the universe are the things that there is no perfect explanation for. I particularly enjoy brain twisters, I like the fact that there are either multiple explanations or no explanations at all. I mean, it’s horrifically frustrating but in a fun and interesting way.

That is mostly why I picked this up; it was on special, it looked funny, and frankly I thought the cover was eye-catching. I mean, it has pyramids, a ship, octopus tentacles and the cosmos. Why would you not want to read a book that can fit all of that on the cover?!

There are loooooaaaaadddddssss of short entries in this book, and each and every one of them has a head-scratching element to it. Obviously, there are entries we all know something about; UFOs, the Titanic, the disappearances of Amelia Earhart (permanently) and Agatha Christie (temporarily). But there are quite a few odds and ends in here that were new to me, so I really enjoyed having my curiosity piqued by so much of the book. I will say that, due to the short length of each entry, obviously it can be quite frustrating when you come across a really good one and there just isn’t much there. I suppose that’s what Google is for, but I’m lazy. I want it all in there when I want to read it.

Generally speaking, this is worth a read for the comedy factor alone. I will say that there are some occasions where word choice has made my eye twitch (astrologer instead of astronomer, for instance!) and the odd entry which reeeeaaallllyyyy makes me wonder how much research went into this book before writing, but on the whole it’s a decent way to spend a few hours and it’s overall pretty well done.

Have you read this or something similar? What are your favourite mysteries and conspiracies? Let me know if you have reading suggestions!


Image credit: images are taken by me, of my copy of the book.

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  1. Well. At least it’s over. – Printed Pages and Coffee

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