On What Grounds, by Cleo Coyle

Books about coffee?! Bet your ass I’ll make time to read that. I actually genuinely do not know where I first heard about this series. I want to say on a bookstagram account, but I couldn’t tell you when or who. I can’t even really be sure it was a bookstagram account, for all I know I simply found it while trawling Book Depository one day (a favoured pastime). Nevertheless, find it I did!

The immediate draw to this book was, as mentioned above, the fact that is was a book about, or heavily influenced by coffee. Books and coffee are two of my very favourite things in this world, and I am more than willing to read books that combine the two. On What Grounds is the first book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series, written by a husband-wife team under the pseudonym of Cleo Coyle.

I found the book easy to read, and it was fairly enjoyable. The relationship between the protagonist, Clare, and her ex-husband Matteo did irritate me slightly (much ado made of his sculpted Italian bod and whatnot), usually by the sheer number of times Clare found herself in close quarters with him despite her (apparent?) wish to have nothing to do with the cheating sod. I mean, really.

That aside, however, I did actually like the premise of the book and the denouement of the murder mystery the book is predicated upon. It is well-thought out, and while a tiny bit cliched (gasp! It was you the whole time?!), it wasn’t so corny as to have me sniggering over the pages like some books I’ve read in the past. In addition, this book actually comes with recipes in a little appendix at the back and some of them look really, really good! I, for one, will be making use of the recipe for Clare’s Cappuccino Walnut Cheesecake. Yes I will.

In all, a decent read and not one that while take a long time. Good for the work commute if you’re a public transport taker, like myself (for god’s sake, don’t read while driving).I ‘m fairly certain I will actually pick up the next couple books in the series at some point, perhaps when I’ve made a slight dent in my somewhat terrifying TBR pile.

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