A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L’Engle

A Wrinkle in Time is another one of those books that I feel like I have been meaning to read for literally years, since my own childhood, that I just never got around to reading. You know the ones I mean. If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person (voracious reader) who has a similar list of your own! My finally picking up a copy was actually precipitated by the news that the film version is actually going to be released, with a sincerely awesome cast that includes Oprah and Reese Witherspoon. Be still my heart! Both of them are wicked readers, with their own eponymous book clubs, so I live in the hope that as such, they won’t allow the ruination common to Hollywood-adapted books to befall this particular work.

Of course, I needed to read the book first. One cannot simply walk into a cinema and view a film adaptation without first reading the book from which it is adapted! (Did you see the Boromir meme in your head? Did you? Did you?!) So naturally, I toddled along to Book Depository and selected an appropriately attractive edition (cover being at least 23% of the reason I choose one book over another as my next read). Photo of said edition inset to the right.

Of course, I was actually expecting something a little longer? Perhaps more involved? I don’t know why, because I knew this was written for children, and in fact was looking forward to it because of that fact! They just don’t write children’s literature like that anymore. *Sighs*

I was really, quite pleasantly surprised by this book. As I said, it isn’t particularly long and is written in such a way that the reading flows along quite nicely. In fact, I finished this book a mere hour or two after first picking it up, having experienced the gamut of emotions in that short period of time. I found myself irritated, bamboozled, aghast, optimistic, infuriated, and contented at regular periods throughout the reading of the book, and at more than one scene rolled my eyes hard enough to precipitate a headache or turned the pages with such embittered force that they were in danger of ripping. The nerve of those kids! The cheek! The behaviour! The arrogance, the disdain, the effrontery!! And then you remember they are actually just kids so they really can’t be held to the standards of behaviour you would expect of reasoning adults like yourself. That, however, I think is the mark of an exceptionally-written book. And considering how exceedingly, sincerely, and fantastically weird A Wrinkle in Time is, that is saying something.

All in all, I reckon you should give this a go. It won’t take long, you’ll have ticked another classic off that list, and feel well-accomplished that you managed to knock off another book!

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