Wild Embers, by Nikita Gill

Hey beautiful nerds!!

I honestly do not read as much poetry as I used to. I’m not entirely sure why; maybe because with poetry I have a harder time conjuring up the world the way I do with full length novels? Who knows! However, when my sister recommended Wild Embers to me after she blew through it in a couple of days, I was immediately intrigued because my sister KNOWS I normally don’t read poetry. For her to recommend something like that to me, it must be good.


It’s good.

Everything about every poem in this book I enjoyed. There are no epics, no extended tragedies like you might find in the works of the old classic authors, but these poems really spoke to me. I really connected with the writing, and therefore in a way with the author who wrote them.

Nikita Gill won’t be for everyone, because there is a strong feminist tone throughout the book. I personally think it is absolutely wonderful beginning to end, but I know there are people who lean to less overt tones in the poetry they prefer, or perhaps to a more lyrical manner of writing and communication. You can’t win’em all. However, if you are looking for a place to dip your toes in the waters of contemporary poetry and you are looking for fierce female work, then this is definitely for you.

Bonus: the cover is awesome, and the book won’t take you FOREVER because it’s not huge. This is a major plus for me. It ends where it should and is as long as it needs to be; too many anthologies or collections are just too damned long, and you lose that lovin’ feeling for the author partway through. Not so with Wild Embers!

Five star read, people.


Image credits: as is usual, photos are taken by me though the book itself belongs to my sister!

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