The Practical Stylist (6th Edition), Sheridan Baker

Hello my lovely nerds!

This week’s review is more closely aligned with my work reading than my leisure reading, but I figured there would be writers among the readers that may find this valuable. Also, you know: students.

The Practical Stylist (6th Edition) by Sheridan Baker is an actual marvel of a writing guide, if you would call it such.

Either one of both of the Silvia books that I reviewed earlier in the year recommended the sixth edition of Baker’s text specifically (there are newer editions), and I can perfectly understand why. This book is amazing. I mean, sure, there are a few eyebrow-raisers in there (I highly doubt you’ll be using a typewriter for your manuscripts, though if you are, more power to you!), but for the most part the advice in this book is both easily applied and nearly universal.

I think what I like most about this book is that Baker doesn’t just tell you what you ought to do in a particular situation, or the way in which you should write–though he does do that–and the grammar you should use. He does something that few other stylists I have seen do: he explains why you should do these things, and gives examples of both incorrect and correct usage.


Seriously though, I really recommend this book. If you’re a student, an academic, a writer of any kind or just intrigued by what someone would even include in a book about writing style, and stylish writing, then sally forth!

Well worth a read, people.


Image credit: my photograph of a library copy of The Practical Stylist. I do want to get hold of my own copy though.

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