Seven Days: Monday – Sunday, Venio Tachibana & Rihito Takarai

Hello my loves!

Long time, no review – I know, I know. But y’all should know by now it is crunch time on the ole thesis and there are going to be weeks where I straight up haven’t been able to read anything except material for that. It is what it is.

HOWEVER. I handed in a full chapter to my advisors last night (I hope they don’t trash it. Inshallah), so I took the day off today! Very exciting stuff. And with that day off, I ran some errands that have been kind of overdue (big surprise) and I finally read something for fun!

I picked up Seven Days: Monday – Sunday from the world’s greatest comic book store a few weeks back, on the recommendation from a friend. And, look. This manga is exactly as adorable as was promised and I’m truly annoyed that I haven’t had this on my shelves for way longer. This is f***ing adorable, people.

So! Basically, a third-year student hears about a firstie (Seryo) who dates girls for one week only, during which he is the perfect boyfriend. At the end of the week, he lets them down gently, and then basically it’s just whoever gets to him first on Monday morning. Naturally, this being a curiosity, our boy Yuzuru wants to suss things out. I love the art style, and the story is really easy to follow.

Manga isn’t something I have a lot of, this might only be my second or third book? But it’s absolutely brilliant and if I can find more volumes like this one, it’s a train on which I’ll buy a first class ticket, honestly. I need more simple, happy, cuteness in my life and this book delivered.

11/10 you should give this a try, habi. 11/10.

Image credit: my photograph of my copy of the book. Get one for yourself. Preferably from Secret Headquarters, tell them CJ sent you.

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