Heartstopper Vol. 1, Alice Oseman

Look. July has already been a long year, ok?

I know this one is late; c’est la vie.

Now: Heartstopper.

Let me count the ways I love thee.

This graphic novel is, literally, my favourite thing I have read this year. My. Favourite. Thing.

It is absolutely adorable. I love the characters, I love the plot, I love the art, I love the fact the author is also the illustrator.

I love the fact that serious topics are dealt with in a respectful way.I love the fact that LGBTQI+ relationships are dealt with respectfully, and also in such a way that they are educational as well as just beautiful stories. I love how normal such relationships are in this book.

I will be buying the other published volumes, and I will be buying each new one as it comes out (there are going to be NINE!!!).

I will probably (certainly) at some point (soon) be buying merch. Because Nick and Charlie. Y’all.

Do yourselves a favour and get on this bandwagon. And check out Alice’s website.


Image credit: my photographs of my (newly purchased) copy of the book.

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