Charting Stars Volume 1, Micheline Ryckman & Erin Kleveland

Ok so, in all seriousness, I have had this book in my possession for well over a year. A year, guys. And I suppose, in the grand scheme of #bookstagram-level TBR piles (mine is extensive, dear sweet merciful Loki), that having a book for a year before reading it is not all that bad. You know, all things considered.

The thing is, though, that I had every intention of reading this the literal week that it arrived! I remember getting it in the mail and being really excited because I’d been talking to Micheline (@whimsicalillustration) for weeks beforehand and I was so damned excited about finally getting a copy of my very own! And yet.

And yet.

ANYWAY. You remember how last week I posted about finally reading Utopia because I was kinda-maybe hoping that it would put me to sleep? Well, this was the book that I was reading before that one, after which I was wide awake and desperately wondering what would happen next in the story because I enjoyed this one so much. And can we say cliffhanger? What, though. What?!

First of all, the book is written in a really intriguing way. One side of each double-page spread is in graphic novel format; the opposite side is written like a traditional novel, so as to provide further details about the scenes illustrated. I think it is meant to encourage younger readers to read a little harder than they might ordinarily read, which is a great idea. It does not interrupt the flow of the story at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed both the graphic novel format and the traditional novel format. I read them both, and serve up a genuinely lovely story. The only difference in the level of detail.

The artwork and the words are delicately emotive, and the story itself is a lovely one – certainly intriguing! I won’t give too much away because I genuinely encourage you to get yourself (and anyone else who might like it) a copy, to experience for yourself the wonder of the first volume of Charting Stars. It can be purchased on the Whimsical Illustration store – support small businesses!

Well worth a read, people!

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  1. Shame me into reading this, why don’t you!! Except… cliffhanger?? I’m not sure I can cope, ok??


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