Southern Spirits 5th Anniversary Deluxe Set, Angie Fox

Well hello there!

We have….another….cozy mystery!

Well, technically we have two and a novella, because the 5th anniversary edition of Angie Fox’ popular series is another compilation, at least in electronic format. It contains Southern Spirits, A Ghostly Giftand The Skeleton in the Closet, the first three books in the ‘Southern Ghost Hunter’ series.

Look, I think I remember reading something from this series once before? Maybe? Regardless, I had no idea what to expect and I ended up really enjoying these stories! Like, I read all three in a single 24-hour span. These were really, really fun to read.

Also, pet skunk. Why isn’t this a thing?! Lucy (the skunk) seems about the sweetest thing there ever was, and frankly we should all be so lucky to receive skunk cuddles, the way Angie Fox describes them. Bless.

Moreover, one of the main characters in this series (so far, anyway) and the sidekick-figure to the main character, Verity, is a bona fide former gangster. I say former, because Frankie is a full-on ghost with a bullet hole between his eyes. How he comes into Verity’s life, well… I can’t give everything away. That really is worth reading for yourself, and hopefully you’ll cringe-giggle (cringgle?) the same way I did. It’s a supernatural detective-type series, without Verity being an actual detective. She’s actually a graphic designer, so make of that what you will.

The stories are set in a small town in the Southern United States, called Sugarland (hahahahahahahahathistownisnotsweethahahahahaha). There is a pretty sweet policeman in the story though, which is perksome. And some of the ghosts are downright gentlemanly – a stately and welcome change in behaviour compared to modern times, can I just say.

Anyway, these are really worth a read, and if you like the sound of my ramblings, then you can get the Kindle collection of the first three books in the series here.

Well worth a read, people. Very enjoyable.


Disclaimer: I requested an electronic review copy through Netgalley, so this book was provided to me in exchange for a review. As you should known, the provenance of a title has no bearing on my opinion of its content.

Image credit: from the author’s web page

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