Coconut Layer Cake Murder, Joanne Fluke



A cozy mystery with recipes!!!

In all fairness….I requested Coconut Layer Cake Murder from Netgalley because I know the author and like this series (so, this is a positive review. I’m being up front here). The Hannah Swenson series centers on Hannah (clearly), the owner of The Cookie Jar, baker, and part-time mystery-solver. As in, at this point, the cops bring her in when necessary.

It turned out necessary in this, the 25th (!!) story in this cozy mystery series. And honestly, the mystery in this one is pretty cool (so far as murder mysteries can be cool?) – we have sleeping tablets, frame-ups, love triangles, a spurned lover…and recipes.

The Hannah Swensen series will always be one of myfavourite cozy mystery series because of the number and the quality of the recipes involved. As in, I have in fact tried several of the recipes out of previous books in the series and have been soundly and extensively applauded for my obvious baking genius when I have done so. Sadly, I haven’t got (and haven’t yet read) the entire series, but like hell was that going to stop me when I saw this had been released. It is genuinely one of my goals to eventually have the entire series in physical format, not least because I have every intention of starting a bookish baking series wherein I plan to trial some of the recipes I find in my cozy mysteries, and Hannah’s recipes are going to be front and centre.

One thing I will say (and it is entirely due to my being a complete ninny and reading the books out of order) about this series is that there are certain elements to the story that are really not going to make sense if you haven’t read the previous books (who in the heck is Ross??), but there are also the permanent characters that make every new story feel comfortable to slip into anyway. And honestly…I really think I am developing a preference for Norman, and I did not think I would ever say that.

So if anyone wants to feed my cozy mystery addiction, or wants me to start that series…. you can start here 😀

In the meantime, this was a lovely way to pass a few hours and I can’t wait to trial the new recipes.

Well worth a read, people.


Disclaimer: An electronic copy was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for a review. I already like the author, so…requested for a reason. That said, if it had been awful I would have said so and been bitter about it. But it wasn’t, so I didn’t, and I’m not.

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