Prologue to Murder, Lauren Elliott

Happy Sunday beautiful nerds!

I have here for you a review of a lovely little cozy mystery – a bookish cozy mystery, at that! Those are my favourites, honestly. What I really need is a bookish cozy mystery series that also contains baking recipes, which would honestly be just perfect.

Anyway. Sidetracked. Prologue to Murder is the second (yes, yes, I did it again. I need to find the first in the series and then keep it going) book in the Beyond the Page Bookstore Mysteries series by Lauren Elliott. The series centers around Addie Greyborne and her book and curio shop in Greyborne Harbour. I will say that there is a fairly obvious love triangle being set up here, but other than raising an eyebrow at the incredibly obvious setup, I’m really not upset by it. I’m actually quite impressed that, having started out as a fan of option one (no spoilers!), I was so thoroughly pissed off by him at the end that I’m now a solid supporter of option 2!

What I like about this book is that it really does center around Addie’s bookish self, and not only does she run her own bookstore, but you get background about her family’s love of books, about Addie’s background as a researcher, and she actually uses dem badass research skills to solve the mystery!! Researchers and academics for the absolute WIN, hell yes.

Also, pirates.

I do think that the writing could be smoothed out a teensy bit, and I believe (hope) the writing will develop as the author settles into the series and the characters a bit more, but overall I was really pleased with it and will certainly look out for the first book and subsequents books in the series.

Worth the time!


Disclaimer: I was given an electronic copy of the book by Netgalley in exchange for a review. As you should know by now, the provenance of a title has no bearing on my opinion of its contents.

Image credit: cover image from the publisher’s website

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