The Atlantis Cipher, David Leadbeater

What’s up, my darling nerds?

I have finally (finally!) read a book not only with the word “Atlantis” in the title, but actually about Atlantis!! Unbelievably, it isn’t even part of my Instagram #PPCAtlantis series which is both unfortunate and hilarious. However, it made for a pleasantly adventurous five or six hours away from my thesis work which I seriously, desperately needed today. Dear god almighty, the writers block has been real and it has been a malicious, heartless pissant. So naturally, I turned to my trusty, never-ending, moderately terrifying list of books to review and picked The Atlantis Cipher, by David Leadbeater.

Now, more fool me: I did it again.

That’s right, this book is actually the second in a series, so at least I’m improving, right? The last time this happened (Record of a Spaceborn Few) I picked the third book in the series, so that’s something. More to the point, however, while The Atlantis Cipher isn’t as much of a standalone as RoaSF, it can be safely read on it’s own: there weren’t too many annoying references to the first book that made the second one unreadable and that’s actually something I appreciate, particularly with adventure/thriller novels, which is what I would classify this book as. It has been a WHILE since I read an adventure novel, I think the last one may have been a Clive Cussler earlier this year or late last year (?). Who even knows. The point is, I was excited to dive into this because as you may know by now but likely do not, I have a moderate obsession with Atlantis. Not as in, crazy-conspiracist-theory-believer, but like this-is-a-cool-myth-and-wouldn’t-it-be-cool sort of obsession. Plus there was the TV show and Jason Momoa had dreds, ok, I feel like that is justification enough.

More to the point: I did feel like this was a fun book to read. The action was fairly fast-paced, and while the dialogue and plot changes did feel a little choppy at times, overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and fairly quick read. I will say, I was NOT prepared for the surprise plot twist at the end and I didn’t appreciate it at all. The frown, it was fierce. And just the way it happened…. rude. Not manners at all. And while I’m pretty sure Atlantis is unlikely to come up again in other books of this series, the author has written a ton of adventure novels and I will probably (one day, in that distant and foggy future when I actually have time to do so) have a look at a few more of them because I really like adventure novels that involve mythology. It’s a thing. But I’m even happier when Atlantis is one of those mythologies. That’s happy-making.

Good read!



Photo credits: both inset and feature image are the cover as seen on the publishers’ page for this title.


Disclaimer: An e-copy of this book was given to me in exchange for a review. As always, the provenance of a title makes absolutely no difference to my opinion of the content.

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  1. “the frown” is my new favourite catch phrase


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