Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan

Hello my loves, my nerds, my book-addicted fellows!

I think we can all agree that this book has been a long, long time coming. I mean, this has literally been around for over a decade. This was released when I was a kid and I have honestly been meaning to read it for that long. My younger siblings got around to it before I did, and it took me until my mid-twenties! I’m really into a faerie tales, myths and legends phase lately though, so when I saw that my 2018 reading challenge had a prompt for “book with a weather event in the title” it all seemed to be falling into line.

Not to say I had a copy of the book, because I nicked my sister’s copy, but there was one in the house and it fulfills a prompt so I had even more reason to finally get to it. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting great things because (full disclosure) I had actually seen the movie years ago and while it was alright, it wasn’t exactly the greatest argument for investing in the series.


I did like the book. I liked the book quite a bit. I finished it in an afternoon (maybe two?), and thought it a real damn shame that I didn’t read this as a teenager. I tell you what though, I am definitely going to read the next in the series. Not sure if my sister has it so I might need to visit the local library (or buy it, let’s be real here), but I am keep to continue the series. Plus, Rick Riordan is aaaallllll over social media; people of all ages, everywhere seem to love his books and from what I can see there is a metric tonne of them available, so that is actually a major bonus. Nobody likes finding a cool author and then realizing they only ever released the one book. That is the worst.

The story itself: it was good! It is an easy read, being marketed to the early-teen population, but the use of the myths is masterfully done and the characters manage to be fairly well developed in a considerably short work, though I do imagine that will improve as the series goes on. The adventure itself is also quite good, and while I had an inkling of what would happen (having seen the film), the book did still manage to surprise me and there were a number of details in there the inclusion of which I feel would have benefited the film. I kind of enjoyed how the gods were portrayed as total dicks, too. Especially Zeus. All things considered, it would actually make sense given how little they would really understand about human psychology and all. Weird rules though. Could totally see why Luke was sooooo pissed.

Well worth reading at any age, and it won’t take you too long. Very entertaining!


Photo credits: Photos by me, of my sister’s book.

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  1. I love this series so much and it just gets better and better as you go!

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