Skinwalker, by Faith Hunter

Skinwalker. How did it take me this long.

I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for the longest time, honestly. It was first recommended to me by Sarah from @sarahlostbutfound on Instagram, because she loves urban fantasy and said this is a great series, especially for someone like me who until this year couldn’t really have told you what urban fantasy actually was. So, I ordered the first book in the Jane Yellowrock series with all the good intentions in the world….and it gathered dust on my TBR pile for about four months until I freaked out over my unfinished PopSugar reading challenge and decided that Skinwalker would do just fine img_8563for the “Book with a main character that is a different ethnicity to you.”

That is, in entirety, all the information I had about this book going in. However, I am kind of glad about that because I wound up really enjoying this book! Jane Yellowrock is a woman with a mysterious past, of Cherokee descent and a skin walker; one who can change her shape. You find out more about Jane throughout the book, as does Jane herself, without that search and those discoveries obscuring the plot. Which, honestly, had a twist in it that I was truly surprised by, completely taken aback by, and that has not happened in quite some time.

In truth, I haven’t read much vampire-shapeshifter fiction in a long time; while fantasy is one of my favourite genres and has been for my entire life, lately I have tended toward that magic-and-dragons style of fantasy. Think Tolkien. This, in combination with my recent read of Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, may have sparked an interest in urban fantasy, because I fully intend on obtaining the sequel books for both series’, but particularly the Jane Yellowrock series. I absolutely adore the fact that the heroine of the books is Cherokee, and that Cherokee history and legend are woven through the plot is stunningly fantastic. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

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  1. Sounds awesome! This review was great


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