No-Buy July

Well, I’ve finally had to institute a book-buying ban.

Buying new books is actually a sort of addiction for me. I am constantly on Book Depository, AbeBooks, Dymocks, and Booktopia looking at books I want. More importantly, I am always buying those books.

And, here’s the thing: My TBR is getting out of control. Seriously out of control. As in, we’re talking dozens of books that I have yet to read and I keep buying more books.

And it’s not just online book-shopping, either. Here in Australia, the second-hand stores have some of the biggest selections of second-hand books that I have ever seen, and certainly in ridiculously good condition! Some are brand new; literally brand new. I picked up a copy of The Weapon Wizards about two weeks ago, that still has the $54.99 price tag from Readings, and it was published in January 2017. My price? $7.99. That is just crazy to me. But it’s not the single books that are really starting to pile up (though those on their own make an insane collection of to-be-read).

No, it’s the series. The book series. That I refuse to read unless I have AT LEAST the first five (in case I really like them), because there is nothing quite so irritating as really, really enjoying the first book in a series and then having to wait however long it takes you to secure the sequel in order to keep reading. Which ordinarily wouldn’t be a huge deal, but…. I’m A Clive Cussler fan. And I also like to read J.D. Robb. Anybody who reads adventure or crime will know that those are two very, very prolific authors. Consequently, I have dozens of their titles (98% purchased secondhand, thank you Savers) currently taking up space on my shelves, in my brain, and on my TBR. My stupidly long TBR.

Side note: Not all the books in this pic are on my TBR. Some of them I have actually read. Just not, you know…..most of them.

And then there are the wishlists. The Book Depository wishlists (yes, there are multiple). For President Obama’s recommendations; for the BBC’s 100 books to read before you die; for Emma Watson’s feminist book club; for Harry Potter books and general stuff; for intriguing titles I run across on Instagram; for beautiful hardcover editions; for research purposes (not nearly as exciting as the rest); and the miscellaneous wishlist. These all have multiple titles listed.

So. I am instituting a book-ban. At the moment, I am calling it No-Buy July, despite the fact that I will start on July 7. Why? Because I realized, after yet another book-buying expedition to the local secondhand bookstores today, that this is beyond ludicrous. I am going to make it an entire month without buying more books. It would be even better if I could make it even longer than that without buying any books, but baby steps. Baby steps.

And, speaking of that TBR pile: maybe once I stop obsessing over buying more books, I’ll actually start making headway into reading the books I already have.

Does anyone else have to do this? Institute book-buying bans? And, more importantly, does it actually work for you?!


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You absolutely do not have to use them, but if you do: there is no extra cost to you, and I pay off my student loans a little quicker. Thanks!

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