Booktubers I follow like clockwork

Let’s be real. The first place you go when you want to know anything about anything these days is YouTube. Google is fine and all, but YouTube can explain and SHOW YOU how to do things. This is of the good.

If you’re a booklover like myself, the day your found out that other booklovers had YouTube channels focused on books oh my god was A Good Day. A Good Day Indeed. But where to start? Which channels should you creep? Who walks the line between enticing you to read a good book, and utterly spoiling the plot for you? The following booktubers I have been subscribed to for some time, and can generally be trusted to be well-informed, eloquent (there is a wee bit of squealing sometimes, which I fell is allowable depending on subject matter), and just generally good fun.

  1. Emmmabooks

Emma is honestly one of my favourite booktubers. She is cheerful, unique, and take-no-prisoners in her attitude to both books and YouTube itself. She’s one of those people whom you feel you would genuinely like and be friends with if you knew her in ‘real life.’ She also has a sweet personal style going, and in all seriousness, I want that hat. She is also, I believe, a fellow Slythindor….

2. Abookutopia

Sasha posts pretty frequently, and pretty widely as well. I never know quite what to expect when I get notified that she’s posted another video, and I kind of love that. She is also, as of 2016, the author or her very own book! Zenith was co-authored with Lindsay Cummings. It is available as a pre-order e-book on Amazon, and is available for pre-order from Book Depository.

3. Hailey in Bookland

Formerly Hailsheartsnyc, Hailey is another awesome booktuber who posts regularly, and gives insightful reviews. She is also about as obsessed with Alice in Wonderland as I am with Peter Pan, so I feel a sort of kinship with her. People should love children’s classics more! She also has AWESOME taste in bookish merch, and the video below scotched my savings plans for the next three months….

4. Jessethereader

I’ll be honest, I first started watching Jesse’s channel because I was so taken aback to see a guy with a booktube channel! In a great way, and mostly because in my experience getting a man to cop to liking to read is like pulling teeth with pliers. He is unfailing honest about the books he reads (at least, as far as I can tell?), and his trailer reaction videos are on the comedic side, which is always fun.

5. Peruse Project

Regan posts great reviews, and is honestly just quite relatable. Her videos go up like clockwork, and she always provides great detail about whatever she is talking about at the time, be it an unboxing, a review, whatever. Very down-to-earth, and her videos are good to watch while cuddled up with a cup of tea.

6. Nube de palabras

Now, this one of for my Spanish-speakers out there. I first started watching Uka’s videos because I desperately need the Spanish practice, and beside actually being in a Spanish-speaking country, listening to a native (or conversing with one, if you can!) is about the best listening practice you’ll get, and you’ll pick up vocab and grammatical constructs along the way as well, whether or not you realize it. Watching videos by a native Spanish speaker about books is just a bonus!

There are of course many, many more booktubers out there that are doing a fantastic job, and I’m sure I already subscribe to a great many of their channels! These are just a few of my favourite booktubers, book bloggers, bookstagrammers…. you get the idea.

Who do you follow? Any recommendations for me? I’m actually looking for a good booktuber who posts in French as well, because you know I need the practice for that as well!

C. Jaiyah


Feature image credit: Readiculous, and I used Google Image search to find it in the first place 🙂


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