Grimm: Tales vs. Television

My favourite genre of television show is supernatural. And, while I don’t have as much time to watch my fave shows anymore, one series that I have been thinking about doing for a while is a comparison of the episodes of the TV shows Grimm with the original tale associated with each episode’s opening quote. It helps that I do actually have an enormous, tiny-print, older-than-me hardback copy of the original collected tales of the Grimm brothers (thanks Maman!). I figured this would be as good and fun a way as any to actually read a few of them! I don’t know yet if I will do every episode or just an occasional one as the mood strikes; if there’s a particular episode you would like me to associate with a tale and then have a yarn about, let me know!

Generally, speaking, what I’m going to do is watch the episode, taking note of the opening quote. Then, I’ll find out which tale that quote is from and read it. I already know some of the quotes are actually from Hans Christian Anderson tales as well, but fortunately I have a matching hardback volume of those too (really, cheers Maman!). I’ll then basically consider the similarities and differences, maybe give a short subjective review of the tale and the episode separately…. who knows? Is there anything particular you would like to know?


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Book cover image credit: The Complete Illustrated Stories of The Grimm Brothers (1989) London: Chancellor Press, Octopus Books Ltd

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